Jäppilän Kievari (closest translation: Jäppilä’s Tavern) is a summer restaurant, caterer and retail food manufacturer.

We collected and tested our favorite flavours and cooking methods from the southern parts of our US homeland and came up with our “smokery & southern grill” menu concept. This covers all the goodness of slow cooked, smoked and grilled meats along with the fiery kick of Cajun…which is a must when talking southern delights! To maintain all aspects of this so called Barbecue & Cajun cuisine, we make our own rubs and sauces and season & smoke all our meats with hard woods from the Mexico-Texas borderline. We also believe in “smoking naked” as we do not wrap any meats, but let the juices drip onto themselves in our rotisserie style smoker. And to guarantee things fresh we change our menu weekly if not daily.

Our family’s old estate serves as home base for the summer restaurant. Since the early part of the last century this building has served as an official “Kestikievari” sanctioned by the government to act as a rest-stop for the traveling man or soldier, where one could get a meal and a place for the night and even a replacement horse for the journey ahead. Today some of this still holds true, we offer a beautiful and relaxed lake front atmosphere where a “southern comfort” style meal can be enjoyed along with a good mug of beer. We self-import a small but eclectic selection of beers, wines and bourbons.

For the streetfood scene we built a fully equipped “JK Streetfood” kitchen on wheels serving our mouthwatering eats on the road. Since completion in 2014 we’ve been seen at all the major streetfood events from Tallinn Estonia to Ruka Lapland. The streetfood era came to an end for us in late 2019 and have since retired the kitchen on wheels.

Catering we take seriously as we offer fingerlicking gourmet here or at your place! Kievari offers a unique atmosphere for your birthday bash, wedding reception or Christmas party. Even though our main gourmet is “american-southern”, we excel in traditional local cuisine among others as well.

We’re also proud to keep up with our family’s Finnish heritage by making traditional “lihapiirakka” by hand (tweeked from our great granny’s recipe) and also a very tasty Louisiana style vegan “vihis”. These delicious “meat and veggie pies” are available Thursdays thru Fridays at select local stores…be warned: these are addictive!

Hope to see you soon!


Timo & Tiia Tissari (pop & daughter team)